Choosing the Right Wedding Band for Your Fiance

While selecting the right wedding band is generally easier than selecting the appropriate engagement ring. Still there lies several important decisions which you’ll need to take while choosing a wedding band for your fiance.

One of these is the typical design or shape you select for you and your fiance's wedding band. A 3mm gold wedding band is available in a vast range and of different shapes. Each of them differs from its own key benefits and disadvantages. These include the yellow, rose, and white gold in different cartridges. A 3mm wedding band is also available in alternative designs, such as round, or square, or even a triangle sometimes.

How to Select the Best Design for Your Fiance?

Before we select the specific design used for wedding bands, it’s vital to be aware of your fiance's likes and dislikes. For instance, the different types of gold used for wedding bands can vary massively in terms of durability. 

  • Yellow Gold

In wedding bands as well as engagement rings, you can use several types of gold. But the yellow gold is the most conventional and popular.

  • Rose Gold

Rose gold is made from a pure gold combined mixed with copper and silver. It has a stunning pink, red, and rose color that is totally exclusive and unique. A lot of people consider the rose gold to be the most romantic wedding band metal for its warmth and romantic pink shade. 

  • White Gold

The white gold is made from a mixture of pure gold along with metals like nickel, silver, and palladium finished with rhodium. It also has an elegant shine as well as a stylish white color.

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